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    December 30, 2017 6:05 AM GMT
    Recruitment has today transcended traditional boards and has invaded the social media. Recruiters are looking up the social media profile of the millennial to understand their candidature better. Also Kenny Clark Packers Jersey , in addition as most of the youth is today on social media, recruiters are making use of social media to advertise their vacancies. Currently as per statistics, globally, more than 90% of the companies are making use of the social media for recruitment purposes.

    Social media is emerging as a popular choice quite rapidly. This can be because, according to studies, there is a 44% increase in the quality of candidates sourced through the social media as compared to the traditional medium which included segregating resumes and filtering on basis of specific work experience and necessary skills. Social media allows the companies, to take a peep into the personal value system of the candidates, it reveals their cultural mould, lifestyle, and other aspects necessary to a good hire. A good hire also improves the retention rate.

    Similarly, just like for selection, even for rejection, of a candidature social media plays an important role. Some of the reasons could be the tweets and posts in incorrect grammar, pictures from drunk parties and any such post which would reflect adversely on the team player qualities, or flexibility, or bad cultural fit or even attitude could be detrimental to selection. Social media patterns can really provide the recruiter with an insight on your talent and fit. Similarly, activity on LinkedIn can really serve as a window to the professional attitude of an individual. Thus healthcare recruitment companies are also using social media to get to know features unavailable through resume.

    Also, companies are bringing their vacancies to the forefront through social media. And using this channel and platform to showcase the company’s culture and ethical stand online. When the company details are available online, there are many passive candidates, who might get interested in applying to the company and contact the concerned authorities. This will ensure that you invite applications from individuals, who think alike and have same business ideologies. The young are always on social media and this can attract the right talent from all over the globe to you, irrespective of national boundaries.

    You can use social media by broadcasting about the positons vacant in your organization. Healthcare recruitment is a tricky thing, as this domain is not only product oriented but also a service oriented industry and as such it becomes all the more important to recruit candidates who have the right mix. Also with the boom in this industry, there is a universal shortage of skilled staff and these needs are being met with sourcing the right candidate from across borders. Social media broadcast is an ideal way in such a scenario to invite applications. This allows candidates to easily access vacancy information and apply and alternatively it allows the companies to view the social profile of the candidates and take the best suited candidate.

    Thus, it is best recommended to liaise with recruitment consultants who also have a social media strategies as a core recruitment process.
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