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As a result Smith was arrested

  • December 11, 2017 1:12 PM GMT

    As a result, Smith was arrested on August 17 and was subsequently charged with felony assault which resulted in serious injuries to others Paul Carey Jersey. After he appeared in court on September 29, he said he did not plead guilty. At present, the criminal case is still under trial. Smith's charges will come true and he will face seven years in prison. Recently released information shows that Woods claimed he and his girlfriend Lena (Smith sister) and Smith in the bar to drink, and Smith in a few cups of agave became very irritable, the quarrel with Lena gradually warming, In the end, Woods did not take the initiative to provoke the case, Smith punctured his head, stun it, and led to facial fractures and brain damage. Woods said he had severe hematoma on both sides of the face after beating and needed to repair the face with steel plates and steel nails. This season the Texasrs draft pick Clemson's top quarterback DeShawn - Watson, quickly after training him right, but Watson in the field of high performance and have the love of God, he Sprinting his knees before the game against the Colts for the season Cameron Schilling Jersey. After Savage was on the verge of death, took the starting quarterback position, in the past 5 games, Ravitch played a total of 8 off the ball, the data is absolutely Union, in addition to the past three games He also sent a 5-meter steal the game in the game against Monday to create the ball-known Crows defensive team Stanislav Galiev Jersey, Savage 37 pass 22 to get 252 yards, there is no touchdown there are 2 steals 1 The second off the ball, especially the last moment of the winning offensive attack was copied as a pot of cold water plunge Daniel Winnik Jersey, make it difficult to accept.