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  • December 4, 2017 7:54 AM GMT
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    When at the office – or whatever a man refers to as his workplace – a guy always wants to make the best possible impression. Whether leading an important presentation for a potential client Wholesale Lsu Tigers Jersey , meeting with the boss to make a case for a raise, or simply greeting visitors as they enter the office, a man always wants to lead with strength. In most cases, the state of his male organ health is not going to be a big factor in making a good impression. However, when manhood odor is an issue, that can definitely be a detriment in office advancement.

    Manhood odor in the office

    Male organ odor can be a problem for men at any time and in any place, but there are some reasons why it can be especially acute in an office setting. To understand why, it’s necessary to look at why manhood odor occurs generally.

    The short answer to that is heat and sweat (with a healthy helping of bacteria thrown in). Basically, when the manhood and the surrounding area get hot Wholesale Kansas Jayhawks Jersey , sweat forms and accumulates. The sweat glands in the male member area exude a sweat which contains bacteria of a particularly pungent aroma. (The same is true of the sweat glands underneath the arms.) The more heat, the more sweat; the more sweat, the more bacteria – and the greater the odor.

    Because in its natural state the member is nestled beneath a thick thatch of mid-section hair, and because the sacks are also insulated with a thinner covering of hair, the manhood area is hot to begin with. Snuggle it beneath both a layer of underwear and a pair of trousers and the heat quotient goes up even further.

    Office addition

    But it’s not just heat that can cause sweat. Stress is a big factor in sweat production, and many men experience a higher degree of stress at work than they do in many other settings. Scrambling to make a deadline, fretting over whether a “pitch” will land correctly with a client or worrying about the pros and cons of a decision can up the body sweat factor significantly. And that makes existing manhood odor even worse.

    What to do

    So how does a guy fight manhood odor at the office? There are several things he can try.

    • De-stress. This is easier said than done, but finding ways to keep stress to a minimum can be a big help. Find a few minutes to do something relaxing – meditate, take a walk around the block Wholesale Georgia Bulldogs Jersey , listen to soothing music, etc.

    • Dress appropriately. Going commando is usually not an option, but wearing loose-fitting boxers rather than heat-increasing briefs can help. So can wearing lightweight trousers. And there’s no law against bringing an extra pair of boxers and changing into a fresh pair when it’s a hot day.

    • Watch the diet. Some foods produce sweat with a distinctively strong odor. Which foods do this varies from person to person, but some – such as garlic, onions and asparagus – are often odor triggers for many people.

    • Wash regularly. Good manhood hygiene can go a long way to keeping a lid on manhood odor. Washing regularly (and thoroughly) is a big help. Intact men should be sure to get under the hood as well.

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