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  • October 24, 2017 2:59 AM BST
    Lacrosse shares a few similarities with football. In fact Brock Nelson Islanders Jersey , both sports share similarities with almost every sport that involves a ball.

    First played by Native American Indians centuries ago, stickball—as it was known back then—was designed to train their youths for war. French missionaries working in the area along the St. Lawrence River took notice, resulting in the development of the sport in Canada in the early 19th century. It also resulted in the shift from G-strings to modern lacrosse uniforms.

    Similar to football and basketball, scoring in lacrosse involves hurling the ball into the opposing team's goal Billy Smith Islanders Jersey , which is basically a smaller version of the soccer goal. The game is played for four quarters, similar to basketball, but at 15 minutes each. Women's lacrosse matches are divided into two halves instead, totaling 50 to 60 minutes. Players don't touch the ball with their hands. Lacrosse is to lacrosse sticks as soccer is to legs. True to the native game Anthony Beauvillier Islanders Jersey , the stick has a small mesh net at the end for catching the ball. Hockey also uses sticks to control and pass the puck, but they do it by hitting it. In lacrosse, players hurl and catch it for possession and team play.

    Like most ball sports, lacrosse has team positions but is closest to soccer. Both sports have a goalie that prevents the opposing team from scoring. Lacrosse also has defenders Andrew Ladd Islanders Jersey , midfielders, and attackers. Overall, a team in play has a goalie and three of each position for a total of ten players on the field.

    Like most sports, agility and strength matter in lacrosse. A player must be able to go toe-to-toe with an opponent to take possession of the ball and hurl it to his teammates. The natives used to play with nothing but their loincloths on (apart from a few adornments). Nevertheless Anders Lee Islanders Jersey , today's regulation uniforms provide as much legroom to perform the necessary skills during play.

    It's a small world for ball sports, but this allows sports teams to smoothly transition between two sports, namely lacrosse and football. Regulation custom football uniforms may not have a pair of shorts for lacrosse, but the differences are relatively minor. If you want to know more about lacrosse and its uncanny similarities Travis Hamonic Jersey , visit the website at Dummies.
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